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Introducing Esmeralda

Feel Absolutely Amazing

Welcome to my site, here's a little story about myself and how it all started.  


FAMILY HISTORY: I coming from a family that loves creating, making and

designing clothes, creating new family recipes and more. So, because of my family history of creating, I too love to create many things from cooking to painting on canvas. I also, come from a history of different types of health issues as well. ('We can all relate to our family history of so many issues.') My family have suffered from heart problems, diabetes, and cancer of all types. Family with these types of health issue, do pass on to their children and so on. 

LIFE CHANGING: I've raised my son as a single parent. Times were really hard when I had to work double shifts just to make ends meet. There were days that I couldn't even see my son on a school play because of working late hours at night. So it take many years later to finally making a decision to change my life around. I told myself, I'm not going back to being poor or to struggle from finances or moving one place to another, having my son jump from school to another can slow down from getting education with his grade level. Hard times but I've made it to what I love doing best. Making great products that is really beneficial to our skin and mind. 

In 2017, is when I became Vegan because I had discovered issues with numbness on my fingers, toes and my knees. Addition, I've had issues with dairy products not digesting well and would feel sluggish all the time after eating animal products. So, this is what I've decided to do. Help my family and friends and our community with just the basics of Organic Life Living. (OLL)

(My products are 100% Organic, NO Chemicals added, Vegan friendly.) 

MY PASSION: My passion is Creating Products, Creating New Recipes, and Art. As an artist, I enjoy painting on canvas and creating formulas that help benefit you in ways that our skin will flourish in time.

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I love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal for their mind, body, and soul. I do consider myself spiritual and love nature. Vegans23 Lotion will benefit you, when experiencing dry skin. The cream provides the resources in moisturizing on dry skin but not overbearing for oily skin, and feeling rejuvenated. 

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